Character Creation

First, A Little History… 


This adventure is set in the chaotic good nation of Nirmathas, which was founded on the ideals of freedom and individuality. Only recently separated from the kingdom of Molthune, the Nirmathi constantly struggle to retain their independence it. Ruled by a militaristic oligarchy, Molthune is loathe to lose control of the woodland realm and constantly besets the borders with raids, which are only repelled by the Nirtmathi's use of guerrilla tactics and sabotage.

Originally part of the realm of Taldor, it was taken as Cheliax rose to power and later when Molthune separated from Cheliax after the death of Aroden, it became a province therein. Nirmathas has known independence for less than a century and for the entirety of it there has been a constant struggle to not be reabsorbed into a greater power – all vying for control of the resource rich nation.

The nation itself is named for Irgal Nirmath, a half-elven trapper who became such a symbol of the rebellion against Molthune that he is nearly considered the founder of the nation. Alas he never knew the fruits of his labors, felled by an assassin on the night of the budding nations greatest victory.

Nirmathas does not have any kind of formal government and most decisions are handled locally, which leads to a patchwork of laws, procedures and methods of governance from town to town. There is only one central figure of authority in Nirmathas, and that is the leader of its military, and that is currently Forest Marshal Weslen Gavirk. A new Forest Marshal is elected every four years from prominent leaders and soldiers.

Running any kind of organized military in Nirmathas is incredibly difficult because of a lack of uniformity of ideas or strategies, which usually results in the majority of the nations forces moving from town to town, aiding those who need it and protecting the borders. Though there is some assistance from the Steel Falcons of Andoren, the structure of the nation is fundamentally disorganized.

Though Nirmathas has many enemies, it is not without friends in the world either. Varisia and Lastwall maintain a friendly relationship with the young nation, though aid cannot come from Lastwall as they are also allies of Molthune as well, though both Lastwall and Nirmathas share an enemy in the orcs of the Hold of Belkzen to the north.

Although Nirmathas is primarily a nation of small villages scattered about its plains and forests, it does have a number of larger cities. The biggest of these is the capital of Tamran on Lake Encarthan. Smaller settlements include Crossfen and Kassen located in the northern part of the Fangwood, the druid encampment of Crystalhurst, Skelt in the western plains, and the independent dwarven cities of Glimmerhold and Kraggodan in the Mindspin Mountains. These are basic geographic areas that virtually all Nirmathi know of, even if they do not know much more about them.

The population of Nirmathas is predominantly humans of Chelaxian and Varisian descent, and the languages that are spoken are generally Taldan and Varisi, as opposed to the common tongue. A very small minority are non-human races, though regardless of what they might be, they are generally judged far less on their heritage and more on their individual strength of character.

There is no central religion in Nirmathas, though overwhelmingly the gods that are worshiped are those nature and natural order and include Gozrah, Erastil, and Green Faith.

Who You Are

You are a villager in Phaendar, a small settlement of about 400 residents that dwell in a town built in the ruins of an ancient Chelish bastion along the Marideth river; a stones throw from the Fangwood Forest. You live a simple, humble life within the town, probably that of a trapper, woodsman, farmer or other similar skill that speaks to the self-reliant spirit of the people.

This may not be what you've always been, but the life you lead now is where you want to be, and Phaendar is your home, and has been for awhile. Perhaps you were born here, or maybe you moved here in the past and put down roots. You probably have family here; parents, siblings, a spouse and children – people who make this place special. You've made friends, and perhaps enemies, but overwhelmingly you are welcomed here – you belong.

The campaign traits and revised heritage table listed below can help you get an idea for your character. Either roll or select a heritage, if you have an idea you'd like to pursue. There is also a brief character questionnaire to be filled out below that, which should be added to the Biography section of your character sheet.

Campaign Traits
Heritage Table
Character Questionnaire

Your character is not done until you complete this!

Playable Races

Your character must be selected from one of these races. Careful consideration has been given to what is available and appropriate for this environment; taken both from the players guide and future events that will allow interesting interactions to occur. For more detailed information about every race, please consult the links below.

Common Races


Uncommon Races


Playable Classes

You will notice that not all classes are available! This is on purpose, taking into consideration the campaigns place in the world, the resources available and just how reasonable the character is in the setting. With the exception of artificer, no non-paizo classes will be used, including psionics.

No two characters may be in same category! Individual talents are important to feeling needed in a group, so work with your fellow players to try to have as little overlap as possible. Not only does this help each group member feel more useful, but it gives you a wider array of things you can do. The same class however my appear in multiple categories, based on build and archetype.




Magic (Claimed: Pharnox)



Divinity (Claimed: Gabrael)



Lethality (Claimed: Tae'lon)



Support (Claimed: Quinn)


Finally, the Numbers

As those who will be heroes, a heroic stat line is warranted. Enjoy!

18, 18, 16, 14, 14, 12

Character Creation

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